Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Lion for Augie March

Last Friday afternoon, Augie March needed a picture urgently to advertise their imminent "On the Quiet" shows -- and my geographic proximity to their manager David proved to be a mutual advantage. My finished picture, above.
It wasn't all plain sailing, as the cliche goes. Above is my second sketch -- the first sketch looks so awful to me now that I dare not share it (only with the whole of Augie March and their staff). The above sketch was deemed a bit too "Disney", and even though I quite liked it at the time, now I can see that the boys were right. Even when opting for an acoustic guitar, Augie March is still a rock'n'roll band, right?

Above is an example of work in situ, on a little poster advertising the NSW shows. I imagined another colour there, perhaps yellow or red, and more of a hand-done feel. But that just wouldn't be rock'n'roll, or rather "Lowkeystic, " would it?
(For the non-Australians who might be reading this post, I thought that I would include a link to my favourite Augie March song, Asleep in Perfection, as well as their 2006 Triple J Hottest 100 winner: One Crowded Hour. Two of many fine songs.)


Mad Cat Lady said...

It's a lovely picture - have been admiring it since they added it to their myspace page pictures.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Mad Cat Lady! Thank you very much for your comment. You have very fine taste in music. ;)

Esmé said...

This is beautiful Sandra. He is a very peaceful lion. I also think the graphic designer who put the posters together chose the perfect fonts and layout to accompany your lovely picture.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Esme! Thank you for looking. I'm glad that you like the layout -- I think that you graphic designers do such an admirable job -- I wouldn't have had a clue what to accompany the lion with!!!

Christopher said...

I happened upon this poster in a laneway in the city and fell in love with your illustration, without knowing much about the band.

I am wondering where I can purchase a copy of the poster?

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Christopher! Thank you -- that's so lovely to hear. I don't think that the posters are for sale, though there are t-shirts being made especially for the shows. You can contact their manager David Collins if you would like more information: augieoffice@gmail.com
Thanks once again!