Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Work in Progress: Decoration

Above: one of my favourite pastimes when surfing the net is peeking into other people's homes on Design Sponge. I thought that I would be brave and offer parts of mine for inspection too. I am always changing things at home, adding, taking away, moving or making. I get enormous pleasure just from re-arranging things.

Above: It is only a small change, but the addition of the little side table makes alot of difference to the lounge room, and it's great to have a reading lamp by the couch. Mostly though, it's just another excuse for another arrangement of flowers, books, and ceramics, to be changed as often as I like.

Above: visitors to my house, both big and tiny, tend to be drawn to the contents of the large kitchen cupboard. I have resisted any temptation to "style" the objects for its internet debut: unfortunately I can see now that there is alot going on in there and it's becoming a mess!


hopeful~ for happy said...

It's not a mess when it's artful. I see you're an undecided "teacup or mug?" girl. Like me.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Teacups look prettier but with mugs you get to drink more! Supersize us. ;)