Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Working 9 - 5: a French truck and an air balloon

Cars are never far from my mind when I am coming up with ideas for Seed boys' t-shirts. They are usually a guaranteed hot seller, but that's only part of why I like them. Maybe it's in my genes? After all, my brother works as an automotive designer. Occasionally I even get to enlist the master's help. When Seed's head designer suggested that "an old French truck" would go well with the nostalgic European theme she was working on, I called my brother and asked which car models would fit the bill. I then scoured the net for photos. He tweaked the most decent shot that I could find into something that would be suitable to re-draw in the sharp side-angle that is a trademark of Seed.
Above: the finished product, which can also be seen here.

Above: speaking of hot sellers, this is a current one. I have always wanted to do an air balloon: I love watching them fly over my house in the mornings and have always dreamt of actually spotting my house from one. Besides, as a designer you can make them look so decorative. I also thought it might be mildly funny to have a bird hitching a ride in it.

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