Friday, 26 June 2009

The beginnings of a scarf

Recently I started gathering up some balls of wool in the colours that I like to wear when it's cold, declaring that I do not have a scarf which goes with my current wardrobe (a lie). I am actually feeling quite stressed at the moment, and thought it would be appropriate to make a start now. Because my idea requires combining quite a few disparate colours, I thought that I should sort out the design first. This morning I have been busy on Illustrator, re-colouring and combining bits of graphs from Seed baby sweaters that I designed years ago, and others that I had created for my own projects (e.g. the dogs). I wonder if it will be a bit boring to make a scarf which has already been worked out? Maybe I'll enjoy it more because I won't have to think.

For those who are not knitters: knitting is addictive. I am convinced that that is due not only to the fun of creating something, but because the physical act of concentrating on looping and counting stitches is quite meditative. Just what I need.


Samantha said...

not a good enough knitter to do designs, so combine three or four different coloured yarns and textures all at once and knit with big needles. Big chunky fluffy scarves. I collected all the little bits and pieces left over - even as little as 5cm and tied them all together and knitted a scarf out of them. It's my favourite.

Sandra Eterovic said...

I like the sound of that scarf! It must have alot of love in it too. I thought that you didn't need scarves where you live? :)

Samantha said...

Usually I force them on other people as gifts - mwahahahahaha