Thursday, 17 June 2010

Everybody Knit

I am in between knitting projects, feeling bereft and living vicariously through old knitting patterns. The above are mine, probably bought somewhere in country Victoria. Maybe Beechworth. Perhaps they belonged to a relative of Ned Kelly? (Yes I do add these little snippets in an attempt to entertain my two overseas readers.) No dates on them but they look as though they are from the early 1950's. If anyone out there successfully knits the horse -- let me know. I haven't managed to do so.
The stylish skiier above is from knitsomuch on etsy and is available to buy as a pdf. (I purchased a copy and it's made from 10 ply which is slightly disappointing as I own mountains of 8 ply and no 10 ply whatsoever. Nice graphs though.)
The funny little 1930's Shirley Temple look-alike in her sweet and clever sampler sweater is also available as a pdf file from tinpotlil on etsy.


jaboopee said...

i imagine it was those very patterns that begat your love of knitting....a sort of adolescent misplaced desire for those really hot guys??? i see perpetual first date guy in the first one....( swoon)
and speaking of PFDG i got my real life one this morning , what joy you've brought to my day AND A knitting pattern to boot..a SANDRA ETEROVIC EXCLUSIVE.....I wish it wasn't so warm for knitting here now , but you betya it's going to be my first real knitting project...thank you so much ..

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Elaine!
They are rather debonair those 1940's and 50's men I must say. The modern metrosexual man definitely lacks some je ne se quoi.
You got your package incredibly quickly! We are both lucky to have good postal systems. I can't wait to see your vest come to life -- whatever size that pattern ends up being! Let me know if you need any advice :)

Christina said...

Makes me want to learn to knit right now, I would gladly wear all those things, the horse one especially.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Christina, good to hear from you.
Knitting is highly recommended -- especially for its meditative qualities. Especially so when trying to concentrate on a difficult pattern like the horse! Let me know if you decide to give it a go.
All the best

The Shopping Sherpa said...

You mean you actually attempted to knit the horse?! 8-O

Sandra Eterovic said...

Yup! I even re-graphed it in colour so that I would be less likely to get confused. (It didn't help.) I must have undone the whole thing as no evidence of it exists.
The horse would have been chestnut and white on an aqua background. If you like, I can publish the graph for you!!!