Sunday, 10 October 2010

Wooden clocks and gentlemen

Some gentlemanly clock hands in progress.

I love to paint textile details, which is just as well seeing as I have designed a textile or two for a living in my time. I have also fixed up the sleeve of last week's clock hand in progress, below.
Pages from one of my favourite books, Gentlemen: A Timeless Fashion, details here.

I have been wanting to make a cigar mirror too, but I'm still skeptical about whether it could work.

(Pssst: I actually did very little work today: the sun -- and my lovely friend Anna and her family -- beckoned.)


Antonia Glavic said...

It was too nice a day to spend too much of it inside! I look forward to seeing these refined lads all finished..

Thea said...

LOVE the tweed detail in your painting.x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Antonia and Thea -- lovely to hear from you both. I am looking forward to finishing them too...hopefully when it's raining outside like it has been lately both here and in QLD!

rigel said...

I agree! The tweed looks perfect. I'm interested to see how the cigar mirror would work out. I'm sure you could make it awesome.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thanks Rigel! I might try out a cigar, though I'm afraid that it might look a bit poo-ey!
(I hope that writing that word doesn't bring some interesting spam to this blog...)

Nadja said...

uh I love your hands!! And great to see your textile references too :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

thanks Nadja! Great to meet you. I am looking forward to taking a good long look at your blog, your work looks gorgeous. :)