Saturday, 11 December 2010

Well behaved

I have mostly been behaving myself, stitching another bunch of scarves for the Craft Victoria Shop. In between I have been spending a bit too much time on etsy: now that the interface has been updated to include Facebook-style real time "Activity Feed" showing who has been putting one's items in their favourites and "Your Circle" which shows what selected etsy friends have been putting in their favourites, really there is no reason to ever leave and have a normal non-computer life. Yesterday as I finally logged out (um, I had an appointment to keep), I noticed a very familiar eye half way down the front page, below:

It was a detail of my mark II version of the Lady with the Village on her Head! When I clicked onto it, this is what came up:
Alison Feldmann, AKA TeenAngster, smiling up at my Lady! To say that she made my day is quite an understatement.

For those less familiar with the staff of etsy, Alison is the very cool editor of The Storque, etsy's blog, has her own fantastic blog called TeenAngster, and a bunch of etsy favourites that is always a browsing must.

And for those who are even less familiar with anything to do with etsy, it's simply a huge thing to have your work anywhere on the site's front page, as it means that millions of people could potentially see it.

Thank you thank you thank you TeenAngster Alison.


jen storer said...

Oh my! That is all so Very Cool, Sandra. Of course, well deserved. But cool just the same... jxx

Betty Jo said...

Ohh fantastic's another-
thanks for my teatowel, super nice to meet you xxliz

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you so much Jen! :)

It was really great to meet you too last night Liz, in fact it made my evening to see you, Madeleine and Ali. I realised that you and Ali were quite familiar -- probably from Craft Vic related events. I am mixing in hallowed circles!

flowerpress said...

Isn't it great when you stumble on your own work being featured, that slow blink of recognition!
I am obviously very clever to have bought your hill lady last week before she was famous :-)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Susie,
It really is a very strange feeling, quite hard to verbalise actually.
You must be a barometer of trends Susie, to have bought that little lady the week before! Perhaps Alison has been spying on your favourites....
All the best & thank you!