Friday, 14 January 2011

Victorian Games

above: Little Red Riding Hood, 1890. I love the contrast of the simple and beautiful game board over the detailed picture.
above: the game of railway promoting character Phoebe Snow, 1909.

above: the word 'dude' obviously used to have a more interesting connotation. His slovenly friend looks strangely contemporary: she might be Emily the Strange's grandmother. All from The Game of Don'ts and Old Maid, 1905.
Above: the Manhattan Post Office game, 1897.
Above: a card from Logomachy, or War of Words, 1887.
All from Margaret K. Hofer, The Games We Played: The Golden Age of Board and Table Games, New York, 2003. A beautiful and funny book.
Above: I am also inordinately pleased -- considering eastern Australia's extreme tropical weather -- that my scarf pdf pattern is finally in the shop. It's a fun way to make use of leftover yarn!


helicopter6 said...

Oh... oh... what incredible works! I believe I'm extremely jealous that you have this book!! The tone and design are brilliant. As for your scraf... I'm sure Melbourne weather will turn and entice folk to your scarf... and let's not forget the folk chilling it in the northern hemisphere. I have to admit, the idea of a scarf in this humidity is a touch claustophobic!

hopeful~ for happy said...

Have you played the Little Red Riding Hood game? It looks lovely, but am wondering if a turn of the century game is a little humdrum for current wii-fantastic tastes.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Helen! I'm glad you like the scarf. You are right -- I'm sure that within a week or two there will be at least one day of scarf wearing...never a dull moment. At least today, Sunday, is very pleasant indeed. See you soon!

And dear Mrs Yap, you must be telepathic because it was on that morning that I thought I must contact you soon. You are right too -- these games would not hold our attention for long, and that's a shame. There's a telephone parlour game too, which is so quaint to those of us who can talk from anywhere into tiny computers.

Kathryn said...

HI Sandra, I have just discovered your blog. It is so divinly beautifully gorgeous!!
love Kathryn.Of Adam and Kathryn!

swinkie said...

I love them... especially the red riding hood one.
Guess what I just.... found today near the front door.... my new Circus book!!! The case has damaged corners but hey can't complain as the price is a steal!! I'm off to make lunch and a little break time with my new companion. ps love your new scarf and the lips!!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Kathryn! Sooo lovely to hear from you. I hope that you, Adam and your awesome little foursome are all extremely well. It's been ages! Thanks so much for writing.

And lovely Ms Sandra W! You will not be disappointed by your purchase -- although it's so enormous that it might kill you to carry it from bookshelf to table. In fact if you are disappointed you could turn it into a table...So glad too that you like the scarf! :)