Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Special order mirrors

 Mirrors for a special order above, and in progress below.


Alice said...

Hola Sandra, ayer me acordé mucho de ti, caminaba por una callE de muchos talleres mecánicos y ventas de autos y repuestos y uno de ellos tenía un gran letrero "ETEROVIC"... quise tomarle una foto pero estaba sola en un mundo de hombres y me intimide... para otra ocasión te mando la foto de tu apellido en mi ciudad!

El espejo con la corona de flores me gustó mucho imagino el reflejo hippie del que se mira... después de eso solo queda hacer el amor... o no? jajaja


sister outlaws said...

These are soooooo lovely!I'm considering getting you to paint a good hairstyle on a mirror for me - I'm sick of bad hair days!! Maybe that's the way to get my ultimate hairstyle? And crowns? Do you do crowns? The kids here are tiara and crown crazy!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Alice I like the hippie look too!! How wonderful to see my surname on a sign in Chile -- I think that would be a great surprise and shock! That would never happen in Australia -- there must be more relatives in Chile than here. Thank you, I must tell my dad! :)

Julianne -- thank you, I am very happy that you like them. I fully understand re bad hair days...and yes, I do make crowns occasionally, but most of the time they end up looking yucky and I wash the paint off. Very frustrating!