Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A couple of goings-on

I received a lovely e-mail the other day with an image that made me do a double take: was that really a giant version of my little Lady with Village on Head with children in a gallery setting?! On closer inspection I realised that the children were actually small plastic models, but that made it no less of a surprise.  The photo is by Julian Wrigley and will form part of his exhibition exploring gallery experiences at Kinokuniya Books in Sydney.  Thank you Julian for using my work beside the likes of Marcel Duchamp and Damien Hirst -- surely the first and last time that will ever happen!

Clocks in progress, again.  After these are finished there will be even more to make.  I have never made this number of clocks at once.  I can reveal now that some of them will be destined for The Design Files' Open House, which is very exciting indeed.  (Admittedly that excitement comes from the shopper in me just as much as the maker.)

Better get back to work.


sister outlaws said...

Would love to see a giant Lady with Village on head! Or photoshopped into a real landscape!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Julianne -- thank you -- that is a great idea! :)

Alice said...

Y la idea de algunos de gran tamaño .... ehhhh!

(veo que los dedos heridos no son exclusivos de las mujeres... y también veo que sanan! me alegra esa idea!)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Oh gosh Alice the injured hands are not only for the female clocks! They are a little joke -- the arms are meant to be severed, so the idea of a bandage is kind of funny, as there is little point to putting a bandage on a severed arm....

Thank you for writing.