Thursday, 17 May 2012

Get out of this mess

 The long sentence continues to grow, backwards.
That's not me and my knitting, it's an image from Warren Kirk's Westography exhibition which opens at Post Industrial Design in West Footscray this evening.  More images of Melbourne's inner west here.


Anonymous said...

found you at your blog! love your stuff Sandra but you already know that. I found this via the Swinkie blog after seeing a comment you made. I follow her blog too; love her work. I'd love to come visit your studio some time.

I'm doing a little something for Craft Cubed in Aug in my very small town. Looking forward to that - you doing anything?

Your blog/work is lovely.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Jo,

Great to hear from you. I would love if you could come and visit me one day in the studio.
I might be going away in August, so unfortunately wouldn't be around for Craft Cubed. Am very indecisive at the moment. If I am around, I would love to see your contribution!

Thanks so much for writing Jo -- all the best