Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A new-ish greeting card

Sometimes when I sell my work, I miss it.  I found myself thinking about the colourful wooden fisherman and his exotic three-eyed catch recently.  Luckily, before I sent them off to TarraWarra last year I recorded them under the scanner, and from the scan I have made a new card.  I like it!  If you like it, it's here too.


sister outlaws said...

Love it! I'm having so much fun sending out all the cards I bought from you. All the family are receiving them this year!

Erin said...

Lovely!! What a catch! ;)
Yes I miss the artworks gone too. My daughter laughs at me when I say "good bye" to the artwork in my hands before packaging. :D

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thanks Julianne! You are very sweet. :)

Hi Erin, I think it's a good sign when you feel sad about letting go of an artwork -- it means that you put your heart into it. I often say good bye to mine as well.