Monday, 3 September 2012

Some random holiday finds

Some random finds from the public library of Pucisca.  Thanks to the generosity of the lovely librarian Zorka Martinic, I will be able to show plenty more finds in the next couple of weeks.  Above: Etiquette for Children.  The well loved condition of the book suggests that the children of Pucisca take their manners very seriously.

Below: two items from Second Hand Shop in Split.  Such shops are a relatively new phenomenon in Croatia, and I was naturally excited to visit my first one.  Although I love my finds, I was disappointed that the stock mainly consisted of relatively new clothing, with very little household stuff.  My teenage cousins, engrossed in early 90s style, had no such complaints.

Above: this print is rather strange, don't you think?!


swinkie said...

I'm so jealous... thank you for sharing some of your finds and holiday pics- it seems you had a fab time. So jealous! xxxx
ps did I tell you about my cousins who got to split from Communist Czech via "holidaying" in Split!

Sandra Eterovic said...

ha! I knew you would like them Sandra, my fellow Slavic woman. :)
I think in retrospect maybe your cousins should have stayed in Czech! The economy in Croatia is in pretty terrible shape.

Saskia said...

The food etiquette book is gorgeous, and poster-worthy (I need it in my kitchen). Love the raised pinkies.