Sunday, 4 November 2012

Oh my god: 100 pages of Etsy favourites!?!?!

And so I have 100 pages of favourite items on Etsy.  Is that something to be proud of?  I'm not sure.  In the three years that I have had my own shop on the site, I have bought plenty of vintage items and art work, mostly found by looking at other people's favourites.  I guess that that is how I have sold a lot my own work too....
Either way, it forms an interesting record of one's taste in things.  Here are some recent favourites.  Above: Arabia Finland strawberry jam jar from Junkhouse (hardly!).

Above: 1933 bookplate from Vintage Inclination.
Above: vintage Russian vase from GoGoBerlinette.
Above: Advancing in familiar light: handmade greeting card based on a drawing by the very talented Helen Gibbins.  
Above: vintage cast iron apple door stop from compost this.
Above: print by Becca Stadtlander.
Above: Rose de Borman's hand painted silk lion cushion.  I find everything she makes incredibly covetable.  One day....
Above: Amy Blackwell's beautiful odd hand knitted mittens (sold unfortunately: but still inspiring).
Above: print by Emma Lewis.
Above: print by Rob Hodgson.

I tend to like a lot of British artists, actually.

Sorry about the lack of posts.  I have been working on a few things for The Design Files Open House which I can't show on the blog just yet.  I am very proud to be involved again!

Enjoy your Sunday.


sister outlaws said...

100 pages! It makes a good list of what you want for Christmas!

Saskia said...

Looking forward to seeing your Design Files Open House contribution Sandra. Love your etsy favourites, especially the cast iron apple door stop. I definitely need that. The hand-painted silk cushion is beautiful. There should be some kind of award for reaching 100 pages of etsy likes methinks.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Ha ha Julianne -- you're so right -- damn it if only ANYONE who buys Christmas presents for me would look their lives would be so much easier!! ;)

Thank you for your lovely words, Saskia. I need that door stop too -- pity it's not a great thing to post!!! Etsy should definitely give out awards for reaching 100.

Hope you are both very well. :)