Sunday, 17 March 2013


Tingatinga is a painting style from Tanzania that was named after its founder, Edward Said Tingatinga.  Tingatinga painted on masonite using bright bicycle paints, often depicting subjects that would appeal to the tourist market.  The style has since spread to much of East Africa and has developed from the simple copying of Tingatinga's work to encompassing more individual interests.  The work above is by Mohamed Wasia Charinda, b.1947.  
Just a few of the treasures from TingaTinga: Kitsch or Quality: Bicycle enamel on board or canvas by Tine & Hanne Thorup, Copenhagen, 2010.  This book belongs to my friend Anna.  She spent much of her childhood in Tanzania and has a wonderful knowledge of East African art and culture.  Thanks Anna for the inspiration. 

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