Monday, 10 June 2013

Textiles from the V&A

A combination of being unwell, work-working and working on things I can't show here have kept me away from my blog.  I'm back as I just had to share these beautiful images from World Dress: Fashion in Detail which highlights aspects of the V&A's costume collection.  Above: cotton/ wool jacket with applied shells, Burma, late nineteenth century.
 Above: Tibetan wool/ silk outer jacket, late nineteenth century.
 Above: woman's cotton shirt with applied seeds, Burma, mid nineteenth century.
 Above: an early twentieth century blouse from India.
 Above: men's leather cloak from Hungary, embroidered with silk, second half of nineteenth century.
Above: man's hooded jacket made from wool, from Algeria, late nineteenth century.

This is a tiny selection from a book that is an absolute must if you are drawn to textiles, especially details like these.

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