Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Two MORE lasses for The Design Files Open House

Good morning! Here are two more portraits for The Design Files Open House.  This one is my favourite.  I like the aqua vs. burgundy palette, and her hairstyle reminds me of my mother in the mid 1970's.  Meanwhile the budgie was inspired by all of the time I have been spending behind the counter at Cottage Industry lately.
 Above: helmet hair!  I enjoy painting hair as I can be sweepy and quick about it.
Above: the fat budgie came last.  I did not have a good reference and was actually tempted to run up the road from the studio to said Cottage Industry to grab a stuffed one to use as a model.  Instead, mine is a kind of giant obese version of a budgie, but the dear lass loves him just the same.
Above: another young lady, who was directly inspired by Lucy Feagins' lovely palette for Open House.  


sister outlaws said...

Yes I love the colours in the girls with the budgie too. These really are quite breathtaking Sandra! Will they be available as prints?

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Julianne -- thank you SO MUCH. They probably will be available as prints, but not for some time.

Jo Grant said...

Love these paintings. x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thanks so much Jo! Your book is fantastic :-)