Sunday, 1 June 2014

Signs of winter...?

The  weather has been extremely mild in Melbourne.  It's hard to believe that today is the first day of winter.  This week I had the great pleasure of being a guest at an art class at a boys' school.  I helped two classes of year eights get going on their wooden footballers (my work in progress above).  I can't wait to see and share their footballers when they're done.
 I brought in examples of my own work to show the boys.  Unfortunately, I pretty much wrecked my Neighbourhood Watch, above.  I don't care as much as I imagined I would.  Perhaps because it is technically salvageable, but mostly because I must have moved on from Wayne.
This is my example of a finished footballer, which I used as a demonstration for the two classes.  Interestingly, a substantial number of boys chose to depict favourite soccer and rugby players.  One or two decided to show their school team's colours instead.
 Other signs of winter: sunset at the studio.  Haven't had to put the heater on yet.  Crazy.
 The heater is on at home, although that hasn't stopped mould from growing above.
Last but not least: a page from the brilliant Fritz Kahn, a gift from Lil Nick!

ALSO -- thank you so much to everyone who said hi or even bought something from me at Markit last Sunday.  I had a fantastic day, even though I was ridiculously tired by the end of it.  I regret that I didn't get to see the rest of the stands.


Funghi Handmade said...


i really love your work, it is amazing! Congratulations!

Kind regards,

Saskia Ericson said...

Oh! Lucky boys having such a cool guest teacher. Can't wait to see the finished footballers. Sandra I'm very intrigued by the lovely big toothy mouth in your studio!

Sandra Eterovic said...

THank you very much Elena!!! :-)

So lovely to hear from you Sass. I think that the boys had fun, though it came more easily to some than it did to others -- unsurprisingly.

There will be more from the mouth in a month or so....!