Friday, 1 August 2014

My Craft Vic window is up!

My two windows at Craft Victoria are up!  Here is PART of one of them, above.  Thank you so so so so much to Anita Cummins and Wanda, who worked so hard into the night getting everything into the window precisely in the way that this fussy (and -- ahem -- somewhat unprepared) person wanted it.  Great ideas, skills, dedication and patience.  

I don't know how they find these amazing women who work at Craft Victoria, but our lives are absolutely the better for it.  

I must admit that I went to bed last night thinking: people might be looking at my work RIGHT NOW.  It's there for all to see RIGHT NOW.  And tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after....YIKES!! freaked me out a little.

Above: here is an introduction to my work, as it appeared in the email sent to Craft members yesterday.  I am not sure who wrote this, but I love it!  Why is it that I have a degree in art history yet I am completely paralysed when it comes to writing about my own work?!  I read the above and was shocked by how beyond-spot-on it was.  Whoever wrote it (Anita?!): thank you!

Sandra Eterovic's distinctly acerbic brand of darkly confessional humour is painted, printed, knitted and stitched into a domestic bedroom scene.  Sandra deftly illustrates the absurdity, cynicism and raw power of intimate relations in works that include oversized hand delving Y-fronts, odd socks, faux fires and delicately embroidered Stay or Go? pillowcases.  Bed Strange Fellows is currently available for viewing around the clock in the Craft Window Space until 2 September 2014.

I will post photos of the other window, which shows the 'bedroom scene' as soon as the weather is decent enough for me to take a photo....not today.  I will also tell you what I regret not including in that bedroom scene.  You live and learn.


Jo Grant said...

Yay! so fabulous. Can't wait to see it in person. I saw the craft newsletter and agree, the writing about your work is very spot on. A lovely blurb that you should keep as a fitting reference! See you soon.

sister outlaws said...

Congratulations Cynical-Funny-Clever Craft QUEEN! Can't wait to go and have a squiz!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you.

You are right Jo -- I should definitely keep it as a reference. They're thin on the ground! Hope to see you soon.

HA!!! Julianne I am going to keep your comment as a descriptive reference too -- especially after you become a famous writer and social commentator :-)