Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Design Files Open House 2014

The Design Files Open House 2014 is -- well -- OPEN!  It is a huge privilege to be involved in Lucy Feagins' incredibly ambitious project of bringing her beautiful blog to life, AND for the fourth year running.  (Fifth if you count Sydney 2013 separately!)  The colour palette this year is particularly interesting, and there's plenty of great art and handmade metal, perspex, glass and ceramic items.  Hooray for Lucy's ongoing support for us little makers!  Photos above are taken from Eve Wilson's, see more here.

Above: the sum total of items I have made for Open House this year.  All acrylic on wood.  (The relative sizes are not shown correctly, more details here.)  I had a fantastic time at the opening last night.  SOOO great to meet Helen Bayley from Lovestar and Emma Lipscombe, who came all the way from Brisbane and Perth respectively, just for the event.  (I came from two streets away so it made me appreciate how great our city is all the more!)  I also got to chat with the lovely Georgia Perry, a recent immigrant from Sydney, and again appreciated how supportive we Melbourne creative types are of one another, especially through bodies like Craft Victoria.  Don't take it for granted!!
I did however make a bit of a crazy fan idiot of myself upon meeting my gardening idol Georgina Reid.  I may never live it down.  I hope she really was just tired and needed to change her shoes....

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