Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The last couple of weeks....!

Hello!  I am sorry that I haven't posted over the last two weeks.  Today I feel just like Michael in my latest Gardening Australia magazine illustration above: wanting to huddle from the cold.  It is FREEZING in the studio today!

I took this photo above of my hallway about a week ago, on a particularly cold morning.  I must admit that the bright colours warmed me up a little.

Above: Having piles of boards at the studio makes me feel like I am being busy and productive.  Ha!

Above: Sunset at the studio.  
 Hooray!!!!!!  I can FINALLY show you the book that I have been working on: Meet Sidney Nolan.  Written by Yvonne Mes.  Release date: October 1, 2015.
This was such a lovely project to be involved in: great fun to research (a trip to Heide, anyone?) and the perfect challenge for my illustration skills.  And have I told you how delightful the women of Random House are to work with??!!!  They are AMAZING.
Speaking of delightful people, Garth Oriander is a lovely fellow with whom I have been acquainted for many years.  A talented commercial photographer, he has recently started a blog about a variety of creative types called What Makes Them Tick.  It is thoroughly professional, beautifully photographed and REALLY worth taking a look at (and reading).  I am rather chuffed to have been included.  Thank you very much, Garth.


Saskia said...

Hello to you too Sandra, on this icy Melbourne afternoon.
Love your bright hallway grouping, and the piles of books in your studio – very intrigued by that crazy grey cat looking down on everything.
Ohhhh, ace book cover. What a dream job. Is it an illustrated bio? Will pop it on my birthday wish list. Love Sidney (and he is just one of the great Sidneys of the world – we chose that name for our youngest, partially due to Nolan but also for the other great Sidneys of the world: Poitier, Vicious and James to name a few!).
Discovered Garth’s new site yesterday through IG, and it’s great. Love the piece on you. His studio is in the same building as ours! Small world hey.
PS. Also extremely curious to know more about the egg laying lady :)
PS2. Please excuse my ridiculously long comment. I'm crap at keeping things brief.

sister outlaws said...

Fantastic1 I'm in Canberra and introduced the kids to many Nolan paintings yesterday at the gallery. Sorry you're studio is cold. Heat bag? Hot water bottle?

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Lovely Lady,

THank you so so much for your comment. Again you have warmed my heart on a very cold afternoon. My fingers are frozen solid, which is making typing quite difficult.
The cat that is looking down on everything is actually a really crazy angry wolf. He was actually meant for a cushion which I completely forgot to make. And it is great that you have noted the egg lady - she is another oldie, but is possibly still a goody, so I might take her out and re-work her in some way. Your big eyes are MUCH appreciated!
I love that your lad is called Sid. I think it's a really cool and sweet name. And not that common, which is great. :-)
Garth is a lovely guy, and I think you would get along well! His wife is lovely too...... and they have two boys......I feel like a friend-matchmaker! Gosh we are all just a few steps removed from one another really, aren't we?

Lovely to be your penpal on this semi-public* forum,

* semi public because REALLY -- who reads blogs anymore???? :-(

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Julianne!!!!!!!

I hope you are rugged up (in glorious colour) for your visit to our nation's capital. I have only seen the Kelly series once, and I loved it. I can imagine kids really getting into it, too. In fact I think that when a kid likes a painting it is like the number one compliment. I hope you've all had a lovely time.

Hot water bottle? Thank you -- Yes indeed, if this keeps up! My fingers are finding it very hard to move as I type. Sadly, I look forward to washing the dishes after I eat lunch because it means that my hands can be under hot water.....

Ciao Bella!