Monday, 1 December 2008

The Chef: Version 2

Above: the chef, who first came to life quite a few years ago now, reworked for the submission first mentioned below. I am not as happy with him as I am with the babushkas and the seaside children, but I think that if I keep going with him I will just get sick of the whole thing and will end up submitting nothing (I need to submit three at once, he is the last one I need to finish).Above: a beautiful 1950's TWA advertisement which I used as inspiration for the chef's colour palette. I love the mixture of bright and pastel colours, it's very 1950's and pleasingly odd to contemporary eyes. And the topic: aeroplane food (supposedly!) is one of my nearest and dearest. The uniform is also rather elaborate and looks technically impossible, except to a Paris couturier. I stumbled across this picture at work: I believe an ex colleague with no respect for the sanctity of books tore it out of a Taschen vintage advertising compendium.

January 9: I only just submitted the three illustrations today, after too many trials and tribulations for my liking: the test (which I sat twice due to a technical hitch), their server problems over Christmas, as well as (probably related but unacknowledged) changes in the format, including a now compulsory zip compression requirement for which I had to buy Winzip. I wish I could also download some patience...


What Kate did next ... said...

Wow, Sandra, your blog had slipped my mind for a little while I must confess, and what a feast of delights awaited me when I logged on today! I absolutely love the babushkas and the the seaside children especially, but I am fascinated to see a slice of your brain and what gorgeous things inspire you, too.

I will have to check in more often. (The stewardess made me smile in her weirdo uniform)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Wow!! I am very pleased indeed that you did. It's so nice to know that someone actually looks,it inspires me to keep going. Thank you!!! :) :) :)