Monday, 1 December 2008

Inspiration 4: A Primary Coloured Assortment

Above: the previously mentioned stunning Italian Dinner furnishing fabric from Svenkst Tenn. (The piece shown here is about 80 cm high I think.) I will have to return to Stockholm one day to buy a few metres. It so beautifully encompasses the bounties of Italian cuisine that I declare all Italian restaurants and Italian-cooking-loving-kitchens should be decorated with it! Or mine, anyway.
Above: Vindija quality, detail from a yoghurt container from Croatia. That landscape is crying out to be magnified many times over yet again and turned into something grand...
Above: Lodalientje, a plastic pin badge found at a second hand shop in Amsterdam. She is actually less than one centimetre tall. I have not had any luck in finding out who she is or what Lodalientje means, but I think she is very cute.

Above: my aunt's bowl. I realised during this year's visit to Croatia that my penchant for semi-kitsch fruit decorated kitchen items comes from her.

Surely the German artist Neo Rausch (b.1960) must share my love of primary coloured kitchen kitsch? His grand 255 x 199 cm oil on paper work Pfad (2003) above looks exactly like blue and white Dutch china brought to contemporary life. A man after my heart: if only he knew.


Constant(ino) said...

I can tell you about Lodalientje, the girl on the badge. In Breda, The Netherlands, there was a factory that produced cleaning materials, named Loda. Some of their products got the name Loda, Lodaline and Lodalientje (diminutive of Lodaline). I remember that in my younger years we used Lodalientje for dish washing. They told you you did'nt have to dry spoons, dishes and pans, because the water was dripping away.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you very much Constant(ino) -- it suddenly seems appropriate that she was a cleaning product logo -- she looks like a little cleaning lady, I should have known!
All the best, thank you for writing. :)