Monday, 30 March 2009

Nas Put 1-3 on Flickr

Above: I have made a flickr set of highlights from my previously mentioned Nas Put (Our Path) series of school primers. Click here to see what Yugoslav kids got up to in the 1970s: not just Pioneer duties, but also grape picking, being readied for school by eight hands of grandparents, telling carefree convertible-driving Dad to heed a stop sign, boys bullying farm animals and in turn being bullied by girls in the school yard then being run over by a car by the third book. No subject is spared. It's lucky then that kids started school at the age of seven in 1970's Yugoslavia, not earlier.
Nas Put by Edo Vajnaht. Illustrations by Aleksandar Marks and Pavao Stalter. Published by Skolska Knjiga, Zagreb, 1971.

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