Monday, 23 March 2009

Queenie Sea Creature

Above: Queenie is my first wooden (deluxe!) version of my assembled creatures, as seen grouped on the studio wall below. Her body is a sea creature and her arm is a pair of pliers. The blue 'join' is actually a die (as in dice) on the reverse side. The Dear Brother cut out Queenie's parts for me, I sawed out slots in each one and then assembled them. Now I will count on his skill again to help me attach the whole thing to the stand (which I bought in Sydney last year at The Society Inc). My hand can't hold the thing forever.
Above: Queenie's back. I tried to make it look as though she was painted on found bits of wood. Actually she is just made from one big piece of fresh plywood from the nice man at the hardware shop in Victoria Street. A bad habit I have to get out of -- there is plenty of good 'old' wood around that I could use!

Above: at the studio, where part of her inspiration lives. Another part can be found here, in the cut-and-painted-wooden assemblages of the Swedish 'Pop' artist Öyvind Fahlström, who made entire games, walls and rooms of painted wood, metal and vinyl. I have been lucky enough to see some of his large assemblages at both the Pompidou in Paris and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Definitely worth seeking out.

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