Sunday, 19 July 2009

A Curious Cabinet

Above: my bathroom cabinet of curiosities, which boys can look at as they pee. These are a few of my favourite things:
A photo of my dear uncle Spaso, me (eyes shut) my brother (the little captain -- awwwwwww) and assorted cheeky cousins just outside Pucisca in 1974.

Po Chai Pills, from Hong Kong: "This medicine is good for fever, diarrhoea, intoxication, overheating, vomiting and gastrointestinal diseases." Super - and I just bought it for the box!

Three Flowers Face Powder by Richard Hudnut. "A powder Bouquet of SCENTED BEAUTY: Roses for ROMANCE, Violets for CHARM, Lilies of the Valley for YOUTH." I just opened it in the name of informing my readers, and the scent reminded me of old lady in damp coat on tram.

San Ing Face Cream. Made in Taiwan by the Shun Yih Chemistry Factory. This one also smells of old lady on tram, as well as the corner of a certain exotic supermarket on Victoria Street in Richmond. Unsurprising, seeing as that is where I found it.

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hopeful~ for happy said...

The Po Chai pills won't kill you, however, having to down about 18 of them in one go might. I muchly like the curious cabinet. Note to self: buy Sandra crap from pharmacy the next time I'm home...