Thursday, 9 July 2009

July in Australia

Some of my favourite bloggers (Elizabeth Dunker and Camilla Engman for example) are excusing themselves from their duties and taking a summer break. As I upload the photo above of my scarf in progress, (taken outside with autumn leaves in the corner as proof of which season we are in here in Melbourne), I remember with envy all the people I know in the Northern Hemisphere who are taking their summer break.
So, it is with this in mind that I generously present my dear Northerners with this little gift. A bit of exotic vintage Australiana to print, glue onto cardboard, cut out and use as a fan. Unfortunately none of my relatives will be out of the deep blue Adriatic sea for long enough to go inside and turn on their computers until well after their holidays are over.
...Well, I wouldn't!
(Image from Symbols of Australia by Mimmo Cozzolino and Fysh Rutherford, 1980. Previously discussed here.)

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What Kate did next ... said...

Has anyone ever used the rainbow lorikeet as a logo for anything? It seems unfair that the rosella gets all the attention! (I only ask because the gum tree outside our window is filled with lorikeets these days and they're so beautiful.)