Saturday, 19 September 2009

Working 9 - 5: Curious Bird

Above: I generally wait until my work arrives in store before I can post it. This is because obviously there are thousands of people out there who read my blog and are going to immediately copy my designs otherwise. Ha! The problem with posting designs at least four months after coming up with them is that I can't remember what my thought process was anymore. Here I offer physical evidence: it's my first version of the fabric print below. All of the painted bits were done separately -- in black ink actually -- then they were layered over one another in Photoshop. The bird silhouette, then its wing, the three layers making up the flower, etc. I am no more technical than that, and I admit that with some shame.
I would think the final birds a little bit Collingwood magpie-like if it wasn't for the fact that they are actually navy and white. See them flitting about on a dress or some very funny little pants here.

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