Thursday, 17 September 2009

Working 9 - 5: A Swedish Dala Horse

Above: I love folk art and I have always been particularly fond of the traditional Swedish Dala horse. I visited Sweden last year and loved it so much that I wanted to keep reminding myself of its wonders after I got back to work. This was the first thing that I did in Sweden's honour. I hope that I haven't messed with its horse too much.
Above: work in progress. Of course my main resources were the photos of actual Dala horses on the left, but I also copied and pasted a more realistic horse to refer to for the headgear and tail. The tail especially is a bit of poetic licence, as Dala horses don't really have one except when they are sometimes painted onto the back of the body. My sketch is on the bottom right.
Above: the finished t-shirt, which can also be found here. It looks nice in pink too!

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hopeful~ for happy said...

Have you seen the horse-shaped baking pans at Ikea? There's 2 in a set, a mama horse and a baby horse. How apt.