Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Different takes on tradition

Alot of my own work is about the re-interpretation of various craft traditions, so it always interests me to see other people's takes, especially with the flavours of decades past. A few things from my library that have caught my eye today: Above Playful early 70's crochet "paisleys can create a dramatic afghan or a unique evening top." Or just look gorgeous as they are. The Art of Sewing/Exotic Styling, series editor Carlotta Kerwin, Time/Life Books, London, 1975. A bit Cathy of California too, I reckon.
Reinterpretation (or misinterpretation?) of traditional Aran knit on a prize catch, above from Mehr Freude mit Handarbeiten, Munchen, 1979. I have the Serbo-Croatian edition which was translated as Sve o Rucnim Radovima and must have been sadly demode by the time it was ready for the shop shelves of Yugoslavia in 1983.
NOTE: At a previous workplace we had this picture up on the wall and it was the source of endless mirth. Try it.
"It's 80's, but in a good way!" I say to myself when I occasionally find treasures like this knitted tartan from Mon Tricot - 1500 Patterns, ed. Evelyne Prouvost, Paris, 1984. (Thanks Mum.) Except that come to think of it, it looks exactly like the winter skirt I would have been wearing to school at around the same time.
Funny that.
Despite that hitch, I still like the idea of a knitted tartan and might tackle it one day in a rival school's colours. The book advises that the vertical lines be completed after knitting in darning stitch. Surely they just mean those single yellow and red lines going up the sides?! Otherwise it might be a bit too confusing. For me.
By the way, Gracia and Louise's new zines are too cool for words, do take a peek here.


What Kate did next ... said...

Those paisley crochet thingies look like gorgeous autumn leaves. I'd love to see them on a tree.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Kate!!! I loved your idea so much that I was THAT close to not publishing it so that I could keep it for myself. Imagine a little Christmas tree with those on them?! It'd be beautiful. There's a crafter in you yet, Katie C.... ;)

jaboopee said...

that guy is seriously hot....... (hot and bothered) ...aran's originate from ireland but we never saw hot looking guys like that wearing them...i love embrodiery as a source of inspriation for my mosaic work....i would love to be able to crochet paisley patterns like that...i've started teaching myself via meet me at mikes but i'm still stuck on lesson 4!!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Elaine!
Yes he is rather more Mediterranean, and would look better in little Speedos spearing fish.
Ha! I have been meaning to do that Mike's tutorial as well. It would be good if you could visit Melb one day and Pip could show you in her shop! Maybe.