Thursday, 25 March 2010

Working 9 - 5: It's raining cats and dogs!

It's been a while since I have written a work related post. It's not because I haven't been working 9-5, more that I have been doing enough work outside of those hours to chronicle here, which is pleasing. I am quite proud of this bunch though: I like it when we go a bit nutty at work, and that's usually towards the end of the season* when there's less pressure to be commercial. Perhaps. Umbrellas print, above, raindrops and handles drawn in biro, scanned, auto-traced and completed in Illustrator. The umbrellas were drawn separately.
Above: Lady Cat, who will grace both girls' t-shirts and greeting cards from April. She is a bit grumpy, as I often am, especially when working 9 - 5.
Above: houses are a winning motif as far as I am concerned, and birds are a winning motif as far as the company's bottom line is concerned. Everybody's happy.

The boys get a funny dog wearing a long scarf on their t-shirts and greeting cards. Isn't Autumn just lovely?
* yes it is ridiculous that we consider April to be almost the end of the winter season in the fashion industry (in the Southern Hemisphere that is). I haven't even been to the shops to look at winter things yet. But maybe I'm the odd one. I'd love to know what you think about this system.
By the way, super Jaboopee AKA Elaine Prunty has completed her 7 Aesthetic Themes post and it is a gorgeous and encyclopedic aesthetic treat! Thank you Elaine!! And take heed slack ladies who have not yet completed theirs. They will not be named by me here but I will link back to my original post so that readers can work out who they are -- and find what the others did come up with! Definitely worth doing.
Thanks again also to Sandra from Pass the Parcel for her tag.


Thea said...

I love all of these but the sausage dog steals my heart. x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Thea, good to hear from you. I like him best too!

What Kate did next ... said...

I love the sausage dog too -- surely he's not just for boys??? Not fair!

jaboopee said...

I love cat's grumpy defiance and a don't mess with me stare ,very suitable for girls of all ages ....
well i can't relate to your autumnal ness...but it is my favourite season. i love the prospect of wearing warm cosy clothes and fire lighting and kicking leaves in new boots . thanks again for tag and the mention . your too kind .

Sandra Eterovic said...

Dear Kate,
No! He's definitely not just for boys. I love it when girls wear the boys' things and vice versa. I hate all that cliched stuff and I am sorry that I perpetuate it at work!!! ;)

Dear Elaine,
You are the one who is too kind!!! Always so lovely and supportive -- it means alot to me.
I like the cat's expression too, it very much reflects the sullen one that tends to be my natural one.

Sandra said...

they are all great. i'm with the crowd though - the sausage doggy is super-cute. i flip flop between loving and loathing the early drops of winter clothing in Oz. depends how organised i am that year. although the good part is that winter gear goes on sale when it's still cold so you can pick up some good bargains mid-season. x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Sandra!
Thank you -- I'm glad you like him too. Yeah, you're right -- the early winter thing does have some advantages too -- probably not from the point of view of the industry though!
Thank you very much for looking!