Thursday, 22 April 2010

Scandinavian ceramics, circa 1970

Above: lovely stoneware chamotte relief by Sylvia Leuchovius for A.B. Rorstrand. I'd love to see this figure in colour, and to know how big it is.

Above: a variety of surface textures by Bengt Berglund for Gustavsberg of Sweden. Below: their manifestation in a group of interesting figures that bring to my mind the work of Alexander Girard . I love the interest that the surfaces provide: these pictures don't need to be in colour to work!

Above: candle houses by Signe and John Northroup of Denmark. I don't know whether these act as oil burners. I don't own an oil burner, as even though I like what they do I have never seen one that I liked enough to buy it. These reminded me that I could however make one, perhaps using a different sort of building as inspiration. That would be a fun project.
Below: stoneware-chamotte wall relief "wheel thrown and engraved" by Francesca Lindh for Wartsila Ab Arabia Finland. I am realising that anything with a face on it instantly attracts me -- on the stranger the object the better.

Above: stoneware bowls by Trude Barner Jespersen of Denmark for Bing & Grondahl. Such interesting and simple shapes. I wonder whether the decoration is blue.
Below: stoneware service by Tue Poulsen of Denmark. I like the cup and saucer, they look exotic to my eye, used to the elaborate curves of my more conventional collection of tea-drinking implements.

These images are all from New Design in Ceramics by Donald J. Willcox, New York, 1970. Thanks dear Anna for lending me this book. I wonder what Anna herself would have chosen as her favourites? Probably something completely different!

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