Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Plywood Ladies in Progress

I'm in trouble. I bought a large piece of (ahem, sustainable) plywood the other day and have taking a few bites out of it, for example the house that I made recently. However now that I am painting somewhat larger things, I have failed to take into account the fact that my little D-shaped saw has absolutely no way of getting around to cut them out. D'oh! I feel pretty silly.
I have decided to just keep painting anyway. The lady waving her arms about above might just have to wait to actually put on her new German sausage dress. I do look forward to the moment when she does. She will be most fetching. (Do note my pathetic attempts at cutting her out on the right.)
When the plywood board is full of pictures I'll just smile sweetly at the Bro and ask if I can use his electric saw: now that's a scary idea. I wonder if you can get really big D-shaped saws?? How else can I cut these out without recourse to scary electric saws?
Maybe I should just give in to technology.


Mad Cat Lady said...

trained termites?

Sandra Eterovic said...

That's a great idea Samantha! They would give it a nice organic look which will be lost using machines. Or even better, if they think parts of it are crap, they can just eat them.

jaboopee said...

loving the lady with the winding path hair split...your so clever ms eterovic must give in to technology...i've thought about getting myself a model makers saw and drill set, i'd imagine that could prove more ladylike ....i've seen them in the big hardware stores...
ps love the illustrations on next post,my friend laura did a funny post here on her mothers craft magazines

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Elaine!

I just had a look at your friend's post -- ha ha -- very witty! Thanks for sending the link.

Well, the ending to my saw story is a happy one: my father very generously bought me a scroll saw as a surprise gift. I think that it must be the same sort of thing that you're talking about as it's designed to make "toys and puzzles" according to the instructions. It took me 10 minutes or so to get used to it. And my brother assured me that it would be technically impossible to lose a finger. Um, thanks Bro!

I am however wearing safety goggles, in case a blade or piece of wood flies into my head.

I am very pleased that you like the (still nameless) lady. She is finished and will reappear on the blog in due course.