Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Kermit Club, 1983

Vogue Knitting
, Fall/Winter 1983.


rigel said...

oh man, i wanna be in the kermit club! thems some super spiffy sweaters. i'm surprised one of my aunt's never whipped one up for me when i was little. i missed out :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Rigel! I'm glad you like them. It's never too late...and as you can see, I have included the Kermit graph...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra! So happy to see this post. I knitted the child's vest for my nephew in 1984. It is a favorite project and I would love to have access to the patterns again. Can you advise me?
Thank you very much! Sharon

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Sharon!
Aren't they wondeful?!
I am happy to help -- please email me through the link in my profile and I can scan the pattern for you (assuming I still have the magazine -- I think that I do!)

all the best