Saturday, 21 July 2012

Design Made Trade, day 3

Design Made Trade is half way through.  The trade days have been a mix of hectic, overwhelming and quiet enough to knit and chat to friends who have trade passes.  Today and tomorrow it's open to the public -- I expect that the atmosphere will be different but just as good.  And I hope that if you are planning to attend that you will come and say hi!  My Craft Victoria chums are a wonderful bunch too.  (Please excuse the lack of links -- this is a super rushed post and I will finish it later!)


Erin said...

What a colourful, fun and delightful stall you have!
I am sure your stall stands out filled with unique works!
Really love your knitted cushions.x

Anonymous said...

Sandra! Your booth is so lovely. I'm disappointed I couldn't be there. I hope it went well and you're not too exhausted.

Saskia said...

Hey Sandra. So lovely to meet you today, and to see all your beautiful creations in the flesh! Hope the Fair was a success for you.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Erin, Jo and Saskia,

Thanks all very much for your lovely comments. I had a wonderful time at DMT and it was a HUGE learning curve on a professional level too. If anyone out there is thinking of joining Craft Victoria, I urge you to do so! You will be well looked after.

GREAT to meet you too Saskia.

Keep well everyone.

misako mimoko said...

oh!! this is beautiful, love your booth!!
what a good job. love everything and all these amazing colors!! :D