Saturday, 14 July 2012

Found around the house this morning

Things around the house that I thought I'd share with you.  Stories of Famous Operas, New York, 1955.  Shame my scanner can't capture the vibrancy of that pink.
 The Girl's Handicraft Book, London, 1955.  Pages from it below.

And my woollen scarf bought from an op shop in Stockholm.  The colours are actually quite fluorescent, but the scanner hasn't captured them either.

Have a great weekend!


swinkie said...

I want your scarf!!! And my mother had that Opera book but unfortunately someone else in the family now owns it. If there is an aria I need to know more about, I'll come to you.

handmade romance said...

what lovely details to share! how great are those books. i love the fir-cone stork he is wonderful : )