Friday, 18 January 2013

Around the house today

Hi! Above, a gift for my friend Bridget.  The wrapping is a patchwork of print outs and magazine tears.  I think that patchwork wrapping will become my new hobby, it's fun!  It sits on a tablecloth that was probably embroidered by my maternal great grandmother.  (As a young girl, she was a lady in waiting to a countess, and was skilled in a great number of crafts.  I'd like to think it's been passed down.)
 Above: vintage wrapping paper, waiting to be flattened and placed on a wall.  It calls to mind my friend Anna's fantastic exhibition held last year at The Rooftop at Curtin House.
 Above: forbidden love between a mushroom (made by me) and a giraffe (vintage).  I wonder what the offspring would look like....
 Above: this is where I am presently sitting.  The wall collection is looking decidedly brown and dully-coloured for me.  A new phase.   Not a great photo either, sorry.
 Above and below: In the kitchen, vintage stuff largely bought from Etsy and around Melbourne.  The beautiful blue Beehive knitting needle size guide above belonged to my friends' David and Margaret's late mum.  (More here.)

Above: 1950s bathers which I bought at a flea market in Fiesole many, many years ago but have unfortunately never worn as the elastic shirring at the back is very loose.  She is a beauty though, isn't she?  I am also enjoying the colour green more than usual lately.  I really go through phases with colour.  Do you?.


Dorien Ruben said...

I love that mushroom!! And he makes a great pair with the giraffe..

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you space again Sandra. Thanks for directing me to Anna's work, I love it. And those wonderful.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you Dorien, lovely to hear from you!

Thanks to you too Jo -- it was when you and Sandra were visiting that I realised that my house might have some things in it that would be interesting enough to show on my blog!

And just quietly, Anna is a GENIUS.

Saskia said...

Lovely scrolling again Sandra. More please. The pincushion head lady! Your wall (definitely not dull)! Your bathers are beautiful. At first glance I thought they were vintage-inspired Galaxy (do you remember them: Sarah Thorn/Bruce Slorach)?
PS. Mr Mushroom looks like a fun-guy (fungi... sorry... dreadful pun).

rstu said...

the left one is batik from my country :)