Sunday, 27 January 2013

Feeling a bit autumnal?

Hello. I must be feeling autumnal today, with these warm but subdued colours.  Perhaps it was something about the lovely mild weather we had in Melbourne today?
Below: postcard of an untitled work by the Russian artist Ivan Kljun, c.1917.  (I love that his surname means 'beak'!)

Below: trompe l'oeil Fornasetti screen.
Below: vintage wooden tiger from a circus set.

Below: eighteenth century patchwork quilt from Vogue Living, May/ June 2010.

Il Cuscino Pinguino by Franco Mattichio.
....Good night.

Actually, a rant before I sign off: the 'new' Blogger is still so annoyingly difficult to use.  This is not the order that I wanted my pictures to be in, but they seemed to have a mind of their own this evening.  Does anyone else still have these issues?!


sister outlaws said...

Yes - I have those issues with blogger. I'm no tech head though.
Lovely post - that quilt! That screen!

swinkie said...

how many hours later.... I just was posting today and I had to drag, cut, paste and then - what- they hop back ..... Yes I have been here before!

Saskia said...

God, that Fornesetti screen is beautiful, as is the rug (it looks strangely very 'now'). We're off to the Linden postcard show today – I hope you entered Kitty!

Sandra Eterovic said...

HI Julianne and Sandra -- thanks -- glad I am not the only one who is getting frustrated!

Saskia -- you are so funny. I'm sorry that Kitty isn't among the other folks and things at Linden, but it just didn't seem right. I hope you do a report on your blog. :)