Monday, 15 July 2013

Painting, 80% done

 My 1.5 x 1.5 metre lounge room portrait is 80% done.  I have purposely taken the paints back to the studio so that I will instead work on things that I actually need to do (e.g. fill orders, answer emails, start on my tax - ugh).  Above: I still need to add flowers to the pink bandana on which the coffee pot is sitting, add buttons to the remote control, decorate the zither and fill the nursery rhyme print to the blue fabric on the right.
Above: many of the books still need their titles.  The pink girl bookend requires her flowers.  A few of the clay gendarme's pencils are still uncoloured.  I haven't even touched the mirror.  (Should the artist be reflected in it, in time honoured fashion?)  The awkwardly angled oval portrait  -- which I started, then painted over -- needs to be re-done.  These are the least fun things, and of course I have left them until last.

Above: this area is almost finished, but I am not happy with the brightness of the red.  It's too strong.  The wooden drink coasters are not finished either (is this like Where's Wally for you, reader?!).
Don't be too impressed by the Persian rug at the bottom -- it's real, not part of my picture!

 Above: again, that nursery rhyme print which still needs to be filled.
....Actually, this was entire post was just a ruse to avoid my other work.

Wishing you a fine day.


Saskia said...

Really love this one Sandra. So fascinating seeing your work in progress. I would love to be able to put 'decorate the zither' on my to-do list. And yes, you should definitely paint the artist in the mirror.

Sandra Eterovic said...

The artist will be reflected in the mirror, then!

Thanks so much Sass.

While I enjoyed writing 'decorate the zither', the task will be a different matter, as it is the sort of fine detail that won't be easy to translate into brushstrokes. (Woe is me!!)


Handmade Romance said...

wow this is fantastic even as a progress report. love it! and yes agreed the artist in the mirror would be great to include. hope it coming along nicely amongst the other tasks. x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thanks so much Evie -- great to hear from you! Glad you like it. :-)