Friday, 10 January 2014

A commission: from Mr Grub for his Mrs.

Happy Newish Year!  I have started 2014 off rather nicely, with a commission that was really fun and relatively stress-free.  My lovely friend Damon commissioned a special birthday gift for his beloved Karen, who is a food lover.  We decided that I would make wooden versions of some of Karen's favourite foods, creating fake brands based on justa few of the 100+ funny/ sweet names that Damon calls his dear lady.  

I had a lot of fun doing these.  I kind of wish that the butter was real, because I have grown quite fond of it.  Maybe there's a job for me at Aldi yet....

The lamb and bear characters were drawn separately and then placed over the packaging sketches in Photoshop.  The final versions are hand painted using acrylic.  Mrs Grub is actually a creation of Damon's -- you may have seen some Mr and Mrs Grub stencils in your travels.  (I won't say any more lest I incriminate!)

I am meant to be doing my tax today so I have had extra enjoyment out of doing this blog post instead.


Suzanna Scott said...

These are really great Sandra! I forgot about bagoong...used to eat it as a kid in the PI...yum. That is one lucky patron who commissioned these pieces. Happy New Year :) xo, Suzanna

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Suzanna,
Lovely to hear from you!!!
They are lovely patrons indeed....I put love into it and that's why they worked out well!
I am glad to remind you of Bagoong -- I wonder whether you could find it where you live....I am not a seafood lover and am actually too scared to try it.
Wishing you and your family all the best for '14

Jo Grant said...

love love love! the rice bag. x

Mrs Grub said...

Hey Sandra! I was telling a friend about MY pieces today and she said they reminded her of this - Mexican fotoescultura Thought you might find it interesting x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Jo,

Thank you! You could do a beautiful embroidery using the rice bag, if it was real....

Hello Mrs Grub!

I LOVE that link -- what a fantastic connection to make, it's like that person was looking at all of my work, not just your wooden groceries. Thanks so much to both of you! xx