Saturday, 25 January 2014

Clocks and mirrors in progress this week

I have been working on some new tattoo clocks, which will be available to buy from Boom Gallery in Geelong when they're done.  I don't have any tattoos myself, which is partly why I get a great deal of pleasure out of painting these.
I would consider the funny lady creature you can see above, though.  She was inspired by a nineteenth century tattoo diagram that I found on Pinterest.
During Melbourne's "hot week" I painted some mirrors at home.  (It is reported that the studio hit 100 degrees F, but the way it seemed, I would almost have believed 100 degrees C.)  These fellows are now in the (pleasantly 20 degrees C) studio, drying off.  They will be in my Etsy shop by this time next week.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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