Wednesday, 5 March 2014

David Hockney as an embroidered doll

Here above is my entry for the Reginald CAE Portrait Prize for Softies.  Yes indeed it IS meant to be Mr David Hockney, below, though I am not sure that I have succeeded in evoking the great man.  I am quite happy with certain details: the embroidered stripes on the shirt, the knitted and stitched tie, the real pockets and the embroidered paint stains on the pants. But I am not a doll maker, and am definitely not used to thinking of a figure as a series of what are essentially three dimensional tubes.
It was quite a lesson*.

Above: I decided to make the back a bit more interesting for myself, so I based it on an abstracted figure from Mr Hockney's own vast oeuvre, below.
The painting is from David Hockney, My Early Years, 1988.  I will credit it properly when I have access to the book again.

* One of the reasons why David Hockney IS so great, in my opinion, is that he still enjoys experimenting with different media (his i-pad paintings, for example, are brilliant). I should try and channel a bit more of his spirit.  Maybe we all could?


Evie said...

this is beyond amazing!!!!!!!!! love love love this!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Oh my god Evie you are so sweet!!!! I still have A LOT to learn from brilliant doll makers like you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO SO much for entering him Sandra - I love him. Sue

sister outlaws said...

Sandra, this is an absolute treasure! Just the bestest! I'm sure David Hockney would be overwhelmed by such a portrait!!

Jo Grant said...

I agree, it is amazing. So so clever. I LOVE it! Want.
You are going to win.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you SO MUCH Sue, Julianne and Jo!!!!!!!
I am so happy that you like him. I have been very self critical regarding my efforts, so it feels interesting (and weird!) to have such a positive response.