Sunday, 20 April 2014

Me, In The Age

Yup, that's me in Melbourne's The Age newspaper yesterday.  (Click here for a readable online version.  It may also have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald.  I would be interested to know, for several reasons.)  Kath Dolan was the best kind of interviewer: warm, genuinely interested and wanting ANSWERS as to why I do the work I do.  She gently prized them out of me and when I read the article I found out things about myself that even I hadn't been conscious of.  Photographer Eddie Jim was similarly kind.  However, it may not surprise you to learn that I do not generally sit ON my desk, clean brush in hand, pretending to stroke at a finished artwork -- much less without my trusty and beloved denim apron (a present from dear Bridget, who does not generally read this blog).

Happy Easter.


oladios said...

It looks so good , congratulations dear Sandra:))))

Anonymous said...

i have shown dougie and says "it is a lovely picture of you sandra!" Seb & Dougie

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you so much Ola!! Lovely to hear from you. I hope you're well.

Hello Seb! I'm glad that Doug enjoyed seeing my picture. Hope you've had a good day together.


Suzanna Scott said...

Such a wonderful interview and peek into your thought process as an artist! Thank you for sharing it with us. Love the desk pose too ;) xo, Suzanna