Friday, 2 May 2014

Around the place this week or so

 Peeping toes after a long walk home from Lygon Street.
 A doll with fur for hair for Mina's birthday.  Based on a 1970s pattern.

A page from Antonio's Girls -- a fantastic compendium of the work of the genius fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez.  My brother had this book on loan for something like 20 years, so it's nice to appreciate it afresh.
 Tasmanian devil postcard and numbered lady watching TV -- most likely gasping at some recent speech of Tony Abbott's.
 A small collection of food packaging etc. at the studio.
 Getting ready for Markit at Fed Square Melbourne on May 25 -- my first ever!!!
A dark morning in the front room.
Yes, my spectacles era has dawned.


sister outlaws said...

Hey four eyes! Looking good! I imagine this improvement in sight will enable you to create even more wonderful work - is that even possible??? Loved the piece in the age, by the way. You're a star and on fire! Fiery star? Is that a sun??

when skies are grey said...

Love all these glimpses of your beautiful and eclectic spaces!
I'm also interested in the new glasses development. My eyes are getting old and now I need glasses too. Are yours progressive lenses? They look great on you :)


Sandra Eterovic said...

Hey Julianne! Thank you! I wish that the specs would help me to make good work.... or make the list of things I have to do seem more surmountable.... Thank you so much AS ALWAYS for your lovely comment dear Lilac Lady xx

I guess that a fiery star is a sun! My astronomy knowledge is in no way astronomical.

Hey Kim! Thank you! I have no idea what progressive lenses are... They are just the usual sort that optometrists hand out in this country, plus something to counteract computer glare.

Really lovely to hear from you both. :-)

Tracie Grimwood said...

Oooh, exciting, Sandra! I hope Markit goes well. Love the specs :D

Sandra Eterovic said...

Ha!! Thanks Tracie -- lovely to hear from you. Hope you're WELL! xx

Tracie Grimwood said...

I AM well, finally! Just lost down the rabbit hole again painting for my solo show in July EEEK! xox

Saskia Ericson said...

Hey lady, looking good and very distinguished in your specs. Love the pee into your house. Your fur-haired doll is completely divine, especially her beautiful top. You have a Nathalie Lété meat doll! I covet!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello again Sass! The doll is pretty funny, although I'm glad that the internet doesn't betray my lack of attention to detail. Lucky our Noodle is no toy wrecking toddler.

Saskia Ericson said...

Oops. Just re-read my comment. I liked 'peeping' into your house, not 'peeing' into it. *blush*

Sandra Eterovic said...

Ha ha Mrs Sass!! I love it!!!