Sunday, 21 September 2014

This week: Hut 13 and Gardening Australia

Hello!  This week I painted more table tennis racquets, including this one, which received a surprising number of likes on Instagram.

 Above and below: details of a painting I am working on for the Hut 13 show next month.

Above: I still enjoy looking at this childhood book, The Knowhow Book of Puppets (by Violet Philpott and Mary Jane McNeil, published by Rigby Osborne in 1975) mainly because I love these simple little heads.  The little girl's is actually a pink sponge.
This month's illustration for Gardening Australia magazine was so simple that I almost felt guilty charging for it.  Almost: times like these make up for those months when the work seems to take forever.


sister outlaws said...

You're so funny - Gardening Australia are lucky to have you! I'm in love with the paddles and the pink hair and the eyes on your portraits!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Julianne, Thank you very much indeed! I am glad that you like the crooked eyes, and I like your hair better than the pink lady's..... :-)