Sunday, 28 September 2014

This week: at the studio and at home

Seedling tag and seed packet painting in progress.

Painting a cut out wooden life size head: like playing God, but also kind of like playing with one of those life size Barbie hairdressing heads that I really coveted when I was a kid.
 Wrapping for an Etsy customer: quite a nice way to use a page from the current issue of Broadsheet...
Studio table in a mess: working on Gardening Australia sketches, portrait sketches, book illustration sketches....
 Spam + Souleiado
Kicking goals while watching the Grand Final yesterday.


pen said...

book illustration?

sister outlaws said...

Ooh! All so lovely - even the mess. What is that gorgeous blue floral fabric under the spam pillow???

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello young Julianne,
The fabric is French provincial cotton by a very old company called Souleiado. I just looked them up and they seem to be going through a similar modernising phase like Laura Ashley did, which is a shame. I love the older style table cloths and other summery things.
Hope you're well, Lass!