Sunday, 5 October 2014

Miss November in the Frankie Calendar for 2015, and a bit more

I'm REALLY proud (OK maybe even gobsmacked) to show you my page from the Frankie Calendar for 2015.  My November lady is in fantastic company, as the calendar has a beautiful selection of illustrations from around the world.

Above: a peek at a painting in progress, on a tried and true topic.  I aimed to vary my painting style this time, even attempting to channel the beautiful brushwork of abstract painter Merryn Lloyd.  The jury is out on whether I have succeeded, but it was quite fun (and surprisingly quick to do).

An R-rated fabric scrap (you can see a bit more of the actual print here).  I am being a bit annoyingly secretive with this post, but I will show you more soon.


oladios said...

hello Sandra:) Ive sent you an email week ago - did you get it:)

sister outlaws said...

congrats on the calendar Miss November! Love that titillating scrap of fabric too! You tease!