Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ramona's review on Handmade Life

I don't normally re-blog, and I must admit that now the world is so attuned to Instagram and Twitter, it matters less whether I do or not.  However I was so taken by Ramona Barry's review of my current show that I had to link back to it from here.  I absolutely love the way that Ramona and Beck Jobson write about art and craft, and discuss it on 3RRR radio.  These women are super informed and passionate but never resort to any wankery, EVER.  Words fail to describe how happy it made me to read a review of MY OWN work!  Feels a bit like Christmas, actually.  Thank you so much Ramona.


Ramona Barry said...

Congratulations on a beautiful show, so easy to write about such engaging work. Makes our job so easy!
Ramona xxx

Sandra Eterovic said...

You are a treasure, Ramona!!!