Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Finished and the Unfinished.

I liked the idea of a super substantial beanie (double stranded 8 ply, no less) as I thought it might flatter my relatively large and normally non-beanie-flattering-head.  I enjoyed choosing two subtly contrasting yarns from my stash, and the knitting itself was relatively quick and fun, even though it ate up a surprising amount of yarn.  (Thanks for the '75 pattern, Pene!)  I am happy with the result, and have even vaguely considered combining a strand of orange with one of hot pink for my next one, but I'm not sure I want to draw that much attention to myself.  Besides, spring is in the air today.  I can even hear the tinkle of Greensleeves from an ice cream van passing in the next street.
 The finished looks upon the unfinished: that painting isn't going to be up on the wall any time soon....
More of the unfinished: I decided to kill my burgeoning scarf, but I quite like it and will probably end up making it into half a cushion front.
Actually, I could do with a cover for my laptop.
I hope it's warm where you are.

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