Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Bear-y Christmas!

Good Christmas Morning!  I made a teddy bear as a gift for young Noodle.  When my brother and I were small, an old friend of our Adelaide aunt's kindly made us a pair of large woven-wool teddies.  They wore matching coordinating vests, bottom hugging shorts and red bow ties.  We lovingly referred to them as Strop.  My homage to Strop above is a bit more modestly dressed, and looks more like he should be on the back of a truck with The Beverly Hillbillies than sparring with the young Paul Hogan.  I very much enjoyed making this bear, though my pants pattern drafting skills need some work.  (The shirt was quite easy, even though at first glance it appears the more complex garment.)  The bear was from a 1970s pattern which was the most similar I could find to the bears that we had.  He was easy and fun to make, especially at that relatively large size.

Strop -- click here
The Beverly Hillbillies -- click here

Merry Bear-y Christmas to everyone!!!


Saskia (1=2) said...

OMG Sandra! You are a bear-maker too! So multi-talented. Strop Bear is just ace. Love his jaunty neckerchief. Intrigued to know there's another Noodle in the world (that's the name we bestowed upon our first-born in-utero, and he is still occasionally referred to as Noodle, to his horror)! Hope you had a magnificent and delicious day yesterday. xx

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you so much Sass! I would love to know why your lad gets called Noodle....Our little Noodle is called Noodle because it rhymes with Strudel (not her real name).

Jo Grant said...

He is just so adorable. You are too clever. x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you thank you Jo!!! :-)